Институт Иностранных ЯзыковРоссийского Университета Дружбы Народов

5th International Interdisciplinary Science Conference
Functional Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication and Translation Problems
Institute of Foreign Languages
RUDN University
November 16th, 2018

Conference Organizers: Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN (Russia), Faculty of Philology of Moscow State Lomonosov University (Russia), Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada (Spain), Russian Centre of the University of Granada (Spain), Catholic University of Lille (France), Higher Institute of Languages in Tunis of the University of Carthage (Tunisia), UniNorte University (Paraguay)
Goal of the Conference:
Highlight the variety of the functional aspects of cross-cultural communication within the process of world education integration, focus in on the problems of translation and translation studies in modern conditions. 
Main Issues to Be Discussed:
  • cross-cultural communication as a global problem in the modern world
  • interrelation between functional approaches of cross-cultural communication and the problems of interpretation
  • cross-cultural communication as a factor in educational activities
  • cross-cultural component of the linguistic personality in understanding the socio-cultural reality
    hypertextuality and discourse approach as linguistic aspects of cross-cultural communication
  • developing discursive socio-cultural competence during the professional language training of translators and interpreters
  • an integrative approach in foreign languages teaching as the phase in the creation of a shared global educational space
  • digital technologies in teaching/learning French as a foreign language: from theory to practice
Keynote Speakers at the Plenary Session:
Keith J. Topping – Professor of Educational and Social Research, University of Dundee (UK)
Steven L. Thorne Professor of Second Language Acquisition, Portland State University (USA) & University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Valérie Carayol Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, Bordeaux University (France)
Round table:
"Thematic trends in research publications and the ethical policy of scientific journals"
The conference organizers will feature a round table with the chief editors of foreign scientific journals (Q1) indexed in the international citation databases Scopus and Web of Science:
Susan Gass (“Studies in Second Language Acquisition”); Edda Weigand (“Language and Dialogue”); Rita Silver (“Language and Education”); Norbert Pachler (“The Language Learning Journal”); Anna Mauranen (“Applied Linguistics”).


Accepted papers (articles) will be published in the Conference Proceedings (RSCI indexed) by RUDN University Publishing House. The editorial board reserves the right to competitive selection of papers (articles) for publication.

Conference Proceedings
Application and Submission Deadlines:
From June 1 to
October 15, 2018, for participants planning to attend the conference in person to present reports (application, article, a screenshot of the anti-plagiarism verification: at least 75%)

Registration fee is 1500 rubbles.
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Contact persons:

Svetlana Sharonova,
Deputy Chairman, Organizing and Program Committee,
tel. (+7 499) 432-75-08, email: sharonova_sa@rudn.university

Natalia Erokhova,
Secretary, Organizing and Program Committee,
tel. (+7 499)432-75-08, email: erokhova_ns@rudn.university